Push to Kindle is one of our most popular applications here on FiveFilters.org. It has sent over 5 million web articles to Kindle devices and has over 70,000 active users. Here’s a quick update for our users.

Email service expanded

Our Push to Kindle email service sits alongside our browser extensions and mobile apps as another way to send articles to your Kindle. The idea is to allow mobile users, for example iPhone and iPad users, to use the share menu of their mobile browser to quickly send the article they’ve opened to their Kindle account for later reading.

In addition to sending to @kindle.com addresses, we now also support sending to @kindle.cn (for users in China) and also @pbsync.com for PocketBook users.

Sending to Kindle

If your Kindle device’s email address is janesmith@kindle.com, you can send web articles (using the share by email option in your mobile browser) to


Sending to Kindle account registered in China

If your Kindle address is joebloggs@kindle.cn, you can now send articles to


Note the .cn at the end there.

Sending to PocketBook

If you’re a PocketBook user and your PocketBook address is joebloggs@pbsync.com, you can now send articles to


The last two destinations have been supported by our browser extensions and Android app for a while, but we’ve now brought them to our email service too. (We have yet to update our instructions for PocketBook users, so for now we expect PocketBook users have some understanding of the email delivery option already.)

If you’re curious how this works on an iPhone or iPad, here’s a video.

Note: Our Push to Kindle email service is free for the first 25 articles. After that you will have to pay to continue using the service (€12/year).

Please let us know if you have any trouble with these new send destinations. Either comment here or email help@fivefilters.org.

Safari extension

We’ve had Push to Kindle listed on the Safari Extensions Gallery for a while, but recently Apple changed their Safari developer programme, requiring developers to pay and then modify and resubmit their extensions if they want to be relisted. We are working on doing this. But in the meantime you are welcome to download our Safari extension directly from us, using the link below.

Download Push to Kindle for Safari