Yesterday we started appending a section to the end of all Guardian articles processed by Push to Kindle–our service which converts and sends web articles to Kindle devices. The new section is there to highlight criticism and recent revelations about the Guardian that our users might not have come across. It includes links to articles from Medialens, Nafeez Ahmed, and Jonathan Cook.

The primary goal of is to promote non-corporate, independent media. We regularly promote interesting articles in our free Full-Text RSS service, but up to now have not done so in Push to Kindle.

Push to Kindle is one of our most popular applications and has delivered more than 3 million articles to Kindle devices. Last time we checked, the Guardian was the 4th most popular source of articles processed by Push to Kindle. So it makes sense to us to include criticism of the Guardian and its ties to large corporations in articles we process originating from the Guardian website.

If you’re curious to see what this currently looks like, every Guardian article sent to a Kindle account via Push to Kindle will, as of yesterday, include the following section at the end of the article:

The goal of is to promote non-corporate, independent media. The Guardian has been ignoring a big story, implicating the Guardian itself, which we’d like to highlight for our users:

  1. ‘A Conspiracy Of Silence’ — HSBC, The Guardian And The Defrauded British Public
  2. Death, drugs, and HSBC
  3. HSBC and the sham of Guardian’s Scott Trust