Later in the year we will discontinue our Reading List service in favour of Wallabag.

If you haven’t heard of Wallabag, it is a self-hostable, free software read later alternative to Instapaper, Readability, Pocket1, and of course our own Reading List.2 We are happy to have been able to contribute Full-Text RSS 3.1 to handle Wallabag’s content extraction.

You can download Wallabag and install it on your own server, or try their hosted service. It also comes with a number of browser extensions and mobile apps.

Our Reading List service will continue to work for existing users, but sometime around August we will take it down. Before then we plan to release the source code for anyone interested.

  1. Wallabag used to be called Poche (the French word for pocket), until Pocket got nasty and threatened legal action↩︎

  2. We developed Reading List before we’d heard about Wallabag. Now that it’s available, and appears to be actively maintained, we have decided to focus on our existing tools instead of continuing work on Reading List. ↩︎